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Belamionix is one of the major national retail chains with the elaborate its own distribution over 10 000 items which are direct importers from China, Indonesia, Turkey and India.Our largest and most comprehensive industry retail sales of consumer goods.To our customers, we provide a broad and high quality product offerings for everyday use that will be found in our hypermarkets.


Hypermarkets are part of our company for which we are most proud of, and that offer excellent service, pleasant shopping, attractive ambience and quality products at extremely low prices. Our extensive range consists of products from a range of delicatessen, dairy products, beverages, cosmetics, children’s equipment, all for pets. In accordance with your needs, we adopted the idea that shopping ritual that you do not take away .


In our supermarkets consumers can buy everything from exotic fruits, vegetables and fresh salads, to products with the departments of natural cosmetics, which allows a whole new shopping experience. The highlight diversity makes items. A large selection of the finest chocolates, Belgian pralines, like cakes and pastries that are exclusive to the most famous pastry shops, pleased by all gourmets.


On our petrol stations are at your disposal all our fuel for maximum efficiency of your vehicle.Now our new cells have a full service, in accordance with the most modern solutions of this type in the world. Wide, comfortable and modern approaches pumps.


Our offer includes a self-service car wash with functionality, superior chemistry and ease of use.Automatic car washes have been recognized throughout the world.In our region we have set 7 machines, and we confirmed that with a good product and prompt service we offer products that customers are satisfied.




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